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Chaussures de sécurité : quelles sont ses utilités ?

Safety shoes: what are its uses?

Safety shoes, useful in many ways

We often tend to associate safety shoes with work. This is indeed the case for many companies where safety shoes are mandatory.

Today, safety shoes are no longer just personal protective equipment (PPE) to be worn within a company. The models of safety shoes have evolved. We are witnessing a true democratization of the wearing of these shoes. At Ultrabold, we design safety shoes that fit into everyday life.

Foot protection, comfort, but also clothing style, safety shoes have several uses. That's what we're going to see together today.

Protect your feet from risky situations

Foot injuries account for 7% of work-related accidents. Wearing safety shoes can effectively reduce this percentage. For optimal protection, you should choose a pair of safety shoes adapted to your work environment.

Unlike conventional shoes, they have a metal toe cap that protects the toes from falling objects and crushing. Their soles are non-slip. Their reinforced material avoids the risks of perforations.

Avoid the risks of pain and muscular injuries

Today, safety shoes are no longer uncomfortable. Standards have evolved. We have chosen to offer items with a midsole to absorb shocks. It allows to limit the risks of fracture or sprain of the ankle during jumps or falls.

The lightness and flexibility of safety shoes prevent muscle injuries due to fatigue. With good ankle support, the feet remain perfectly stable.

Ensuring good foot hygiene

You may think that wearing safety shoes means that your feet will sweat. On the contrary, they are designed to evacuate heat. Your feet stay dry, even on the hottest days. So there is a great advantage to wearing safety shoes even when your work does not require them.

We remind you that perspiration is the enemy of your feet. It encourages the development of fungi and bacteria. It also causes ingrown toenails, a real nuisance when working in difficult conditions.

To accompany you in your daily life

Gone are the days of ugly black or brown safety shoes. The pairs are adapted to your daily life. The shape of the safety shoe has evolved. It is similar to a city shoe that makes you look well-dressed.

It's very practical. You can go to your workplace wearing your safety shoes directly. All without discomfort. The steel toecap is the little extra that protects you from everyday accidents.

We hope that these explanations have made you appreciate the safety shoe from every angle. Whether in the city or at work, the important thing is to be well-shod!

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