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La chaussure de sécurité, son évolution dans le temps et son pouvoir de séduction

The safety shoe, its evolution over time and its power of seduction

Everyone knows it, but let's remember it anyway: the main purpose of safety shoes is to protect the wearer against various mechanical and/or thermal risks.

Safety shoes have been around for about a century. It all started at the beginning of the 20th century during the industrial revolution. To make a long story short, the development of factories attracted many farm workers to the cities. These workers wore wooden clogs, which were perfectly suited to their activities on the farm, but which proved inadequate in the factories.

As a result of numerous workplace accidents, worker complaints and costs to the factories, the "safety shoe". appeared with its first shoe with a steel shell.

This first safety shoe was above all practical and made of resistant materials, but not necessarily comfortable or aesthetically thought out.

However, today, the safety shoe of our grandparents is no longer popular or sought after... on the contrary, it is rejected, because workers, engineers or factory managers want to have safe, beautiful and comfortable shoes and also want to go home without changing their shoes!

Thanks to increasing user demand, innovation, and the development of new, more flexible and lighter materials, designers have succeeded in making shoes that are lighter, more stylish, and closer to user demand while still meeting mandatory safety standards.

This is why, from being heavy and "old-fashioned", safety shoes have become sporty and designer. Perfect for professional and private life.

The safety shoe has become trendy

It looks like sports shoes, sneakers, flexible, colorful and design. Moreover, the choice is immense whether for men or women! It is this evolution that we have followed atUltrabold.

You will find on our site "classic" leather shoes with an urban design perfect for going out for a drink after work, but also shoes with impeccable ergonomics and design, sometimes discreet in dark colors but also sparkling in red, pink and multicolored!

The safety shoe no longer hides

Now no one hesitates to stand out, or even seduce, with a pair of shoes with a sporty, relaxed and designer look!

Finally, "looking good in your sneakers" means giving an advantageous image of yourself, arousing emotion, admiration, even attraction, soyes the safety shoe now has a strong seductive potential, thanks to its new look!

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